Who we are
Vinasoy is the nationwide leader in packaged soy drinks.  we have two production facilities and a 15 year development history. We endeavor to bring to our consumers the best possible products derived from natural soy beans.

What we offer
Our corporate growth has always been alongside the personal and career growth of our employees. We are dedicated to offering a friendly yet professional working environment, supportive of ongoing personal development. Successful candidates will receive a competitive salary and benefit from educational opportunities in an active environment. We have a company bus making the trip from Hanoi the production facility each day. If you are looking for the chance to develop your career then our door is one you should consider approaching.

How to apply

Potential candidates should send us an application package including the following:

1.  Personal file (notarized by a local authority)

2.  Application form

3. CV (as per specified format)

4. Notarized copy of your degree, transcript and related documents.

5. A copy of your local registration papers

6. Three 3x4 pictures

7. Health check undertaken in the past three months

8. Phone number, email and other contact details


Liên hệ tuyển dụng


Quang Ngai Recruiting Office

Vinasoy, HR Department

2 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Quang Ngai City,
Quang Ngai Province

Recruiting for Bac Ninh production facility

Three way crossroad TS5 and TS23,
Tien Son Industrial Park, Bac Ninh province

Or apply by email:  [email protected]