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some incredible journey starts `

from a simple act


vinasoy was founded based on that simple idea:

bringing soy goodness to everyone

On 2001, 4 years after establised, Vinasoy took part in an
NGO project. During the year, over 5 million soy milk cartons
were supplied to a small elementary school deserted in the
far north parts of Vietnam including Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Ngai.

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by collecting the finest soy beans

from the Western Highland of Vietnam.

Each year
more than
1 billion products

was produced for
80 million people
in Vietnam

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we plant soy

to gather love

to carry a little goodness
from person to person

At Vinasoy, we stay true to what we value most: kindness,
appreciation, equality and support. We believe that the real
added value of life is human relation, where we appreciate
our staffs as equal to our consumers.

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every act creates a ripple

with endless possibilities

we never stop working on that one good deed at a time

A tree is known by its fruit. A man is known by his deeds. For Vinasoy, our deed is to improve the quality of life of all Vietnamese. We always pursuit the idea of sustainability as it is defined through our own products.

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all about goodness

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