Vinasoy presently has two production facilities, one in Quang Ngai province and one in Bac Ninh province.

1. Quang Ngai Facility

Constructed in 2006 and entering production in 2007, the facility began with an output of 5 million liters of milk per year and with a single TBA3 machine. After over 15 years of refinements and additions, output has increased by a factor of 25 to reach 125 million liters per year. The facility’s entire production line has been upgraded to make use of the latest technologies in soy-based food and beverage processing, resulting in the highest quality and safest products for consumers.


2. Bac Ninh facility

To meet growing market demand, on 25 August 2012 Vinasoy began construction of a new soymilk production facility in the Northern province of Bac Ninh. When complete, the facility will be the largest and most advanced of its kind in Southeast Asia, covering over 61,000 square meters and with a total output of 120 million liters per year. The first period of operation (beginning in May 2013) will see an output of 90 million liters per year. One of the facility’s salient features will be an interactive area for visiting guests. Making use of the latest interactive tour equipment, the area will allow visiting guests to observe the factory’s operations and better understand the processes by which the raw ingredients of nature are transformed into Vinasoy products.