"Become a recognized leader in soy-based nutritional products in all markets where we operate."


“We resolve to continuously research and refine production of nutritional soy-based foods and drinks to provide the best quality for a discerning consumer group. This will enable not only ourselves and our partners but also the community at large to enjoy a higher quality of life, with meaning and prosperity”

Core values

Dedication: Work tirelessly to produce nutritious food and drink products from carefully selected natural soy ingredients.

Cooperation: Forge links with partners to raise standards and bring meaning and prosperity to our mutual enterprise; and a better life.

Transparency and business ethics: Act responsibly and ethically in all operations and business transactions.

Innovation: Become leader in research and integrate the latest scientific breakthroughs to ensure we have the strongest and most reputable brands.

Vietnamese spirit: Express pride in our Vietnamese brand and ensure that brand reflects the values of reciprocity and respect for origins —  “drink the water, remember the source” — espoused by the Vietnamese people.