Sữa đậu nành Fami nguyên chất

"Consume 25gr soy bean protein everyday can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease"

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Fami soymilk is produced from 100% pure soy beans. These are carefully selected soy beans harvested from farms in the center of the country and put through a modern and highly controlled process to extract the purest soymilk with the best possible taste and maximum retention of nutrients.

Fami Soya Milk provides essential nutrients, especially soy protein, bringing everyday health and joy to your family.
In 2012, more than 600 millions Fami packs were delivered to Vietnamese consumers. Fami Soya Milk is now the leading brand in Vietnamese market (accounted for 72% of market share).

According to a Nielsen report on Vietnam retail market from 2011 to 2012.
“Measurement method for Vinasoy was based on statistics reported from Nielsen through Measurement Service of soymilk retail from 01 – 11 – 2010 to 28 – 02 – 2013 in Vietnam urban market – traditional distribution and non-consume at purchase place. (Copyright 2013, Nielsen.)”

Nutritional ingredients/100ml                            
Dietary Fiber290mg
Vitamin B160mcg

Flawless tasty, unstoppable drinking