Charity Initiative: A New Year for All

To share with and support the less fortunate, and to bring warmth to their lives during the celebration of the lunar new year, Hanoi Television, with generous and exclusive support from VinaSoy, is proud to present A New Year for All.

A New Year for All will uplift the traditional spirit of ‘do unto others espoused by countless charity organizations, businesses and individual groups, both inside Vietnam and from abroad, and channel this spirit to disadvantaged/poor people in 29 districts of the Hanoi area..

VinaSoy director Ngo Van Tu remarks: "A New Year For All is an initiative with true care at heart, showcasing the traditional belief that ‘the fresh leaf covers the cracked leaf, the cracked leaf covers the leaf more cracked’. We will continue to support the program and provide care to disadvantaged/poor people in the Hanoi area, so they can have a warm and meaningful New Year, materially and spiritually”.