Introducing Vinasoy soymilk

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Introducing optimum formulation Vinasoy Soymilk with isoflavones and soy proteins

Pure Vinasoy Soymilk with optimum formula enhanced isoflavones and soy proteins – your partner for health and natural beauty.

Isoflavones and soy proteins are two gifts of nature packed with benefits for health and beauty, including compounds that reverse the visible effects of aging, contribute to the maintenance of a healthy figure, and promote natural skin radiance.

In order to maximize isoflavone and protein content, the soymilk production process is strictly monitored based on three key factors: ingredients, production methods and processing formulae. Using carefully selected 100% pure soybeans rich in natural isoflavones and soy proteins and the latest production equipment supplied by Tetra AlwinSoy, plant managers oversee the refinement process which results in a high quality product with maximum nutritional retention.

Ho Chi Minh City, 5 April 2012 – Today Vinasoy is pleased to announce a new natural soybean product.

The leading soymilk brand and a recognized leader in soybean product research , Vinasoy is dedicated to the principles ofinner health and outer radiance’ based on a strict adherence to natural ingredients. Vinasoy Pure Soymilk is the result of five years of extensive research, itself part of a longer quest to marry the natural benefits of pure soybeans with a fresh and revitalizing taste.

Vinasoy soymilk and the path to radiant natural female beauty

The true advantage of Vinasoy Soymilk when compared with products of other brands is the optimal retention of isoflavones and natural soy proteins. Isoflavones are naturally occurring compounds that have a positive effect similar to that of the estrogen hormone, while soy protein is often described as a ‘perfect protein’, containing eight amino acids necessary for maintaining balance and immune system efficiency. The latest scientific research has shown that the combination of isoflavones and soy proteins has a noticeable effect in the areas of:

Halting and reversing the visible signs of aging

Weight loss and the maintenance of an ideal figure

Skincare and the achievement of a natural glow

Isoflavone and soy protein content, when optimized, has been shown to bring noticeable improvements in each of these areas. As such, Vinasoy Soymilk can be seen as a welcome addition to any healthy lifestyle.

Vinasoy director Ngo Van Tu asserts: "With over fifteen years of experience concentrated on the research and production of soybean products, Vinasoy is fully dedicated to product research, ingredient selection and the integration of cutting-edge technologies in our quest to achieve maximum health benefits for our consumers. We are especially proud to introduce a new soymilk product packed with the natural benefits of our carefully selected ingredients and meeting the health and lifestyle needs of our consumers. We believe this new product is at the forefront of health trends highlighting the use of isoflavones and soy proteins in the enhancement of natural female beauty. Vinasoy is not only a leader in the Vietnamese retail market but also in the research and development of such inspired new products".

Vinasoy Soymilk with two refined natural ingredients: isoflavones and soy proteins

Key product information

Nutritional content

Per 200 mL serving

(rest as stated)

To preserve maximum isoflavone and soy protein content, the soymilk production process is undertaken with strict care and supervision based on three key factors: ingredients, production methods, and processing formulae.

As such, all ingredients must be first rate, with no influence of genetically modified organisms. Individual soybeans must be of optimum size (18 to 20 g per 100 beans), consistent in color, and meeting nutritional standards for content of protein, natural oils, and isoflavones. All of the beans must be vetted and washed before entering processing.

With the latest equipment provided by Tetra AlwinSoy, the soybean paste is refined twice in a process aimed at maximizing the retention of these nutrients, including soy proteins isoflavones, vitamins and minerals, while at the same time preserving the natural tastes and smells that have become an integral part of the Vietnamese palate.

Following this process, the refined ingredient is filtered to remove certain enzymes which can lead to indigestion and then further processed to become a finished soymilk product with the best possible nutritional content and natural taste. A final sterilization is applied, before the soymilk is collected and packaged, thus marking the end of the long sequence which begins with the raw beans and ends with the most beneficial product for the consumer.

Optimum formulation Vinasoy Soymilk is a refined yet at the same time very natural combination of isoflavones and soy proteins, without the need for any nutritional supplementation. The formulation rests on solid scientific principles detailing recommended daily intake amounts. Vinasoy is the only soymilk product on the market with each pack containing 6.4 g of protein and 24 mg of isoflavones, all completely natural and providing 50% of daily protein needs according to the recommendations of the US FDA. Two packs per day meet 100% of nutritional and beauty needs as regards the intake of isoflavones. (While the US FDA recommends a daily soy protein intake of 25 g, the North American Menopause Society and the Japanese Food Safety Commission support a daily intake requirement for isoflavones of 40 to 80 mg.

Company information

Vinasoy was founded in 1997, the first and only company in Vietnam dedicated solely to the production of soymilk. With 15 years of experience, Vinasoy has become Vietnam's recognized soymilk brand leader, reflected by a 70% market share.** Presently Vinasoy's product range includes Fami soymilk, MeDen soymilk, and Vinasoy Pure Soymilk with isoflavones and soy proteins.

Vinasoy was selected repeatedly between 2001 and 2008 by the American Ministry of Agriculture as the soymilk provider for cooperative food distribution initiatives in Vietnam, providing free soymilk to students in remote areas of the mountainous and outlying provinces of Dien Bien, Lai chau, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Quang Nga, and Binh Dinh. In all, Vinasoy has provided 60 million packages of soymilk to close to 500,000 local students.

** According to market research undertaken by AC Nielsen in 36 cities and selected rural areas from June to August 2011