The website as the soul of the business


To create a website that maintains the quality of this link year in and year out

Vinasoy has been a success leader in the use of technology to support not only administration but also production and distribution. For instance, the high-level integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) has helped Vinasoy stay on top of market trends and the operations of 130,000 retail outlets, 200 distributors, and 300 quality control agents

Description: Trưởng phòng CNTT VinaSoy Nguyễn Phúc Đức giới thiệu tính năng của website.

Vinasoy IT head Nguyen Phuc Duc going over the functions of the website

For Vinasoy to emerge from its initial provincial structure, three main websites along with 20 sister addresses had to be linked and synthesized. "This is precisely the bridge we built between Vinasoy and the world", IT specialist Le Huu Phuoc asserts. According to Phuoc, the Vinasoy website not only provides company information and product features but also tools to support distribution networks, individual distributors, and retail oversight personnel, creating an interactive logistics environment. With this system, Vinasoy is no longer a passive partner in the analysis and provision of information to market networks. In addition the website has become a forum for customers and clients to share information and provide direct online suggestions to producers. This has afforded considerable support to refine distribution networks and house the flow of information in a modern and professional casing.


This is reflected clearly in the halted implementation of Initiative 191, a government initiative started in 2008 to promote the integration of internet technologies with production centers. In 2011, the initiative was put on hold for the simple reason too few companies were in a position to apply for support

To solve this problem, Vinasoy’s Head of IT Department Nguyen Phuc Duc says "the website must answer the question of what information an interested client might need, and how satisfied that client will come away". In that sense, a website is not a place for a business to simply display its vital stats. This alone often makes the website messy and confusing. In light of this, website administrators need to be aware of what matters most to customers and clients, and this in turn requires research and strategic restructuring over the long term from the company. In other words, the benefits of a good website are clear, but it is not every company that is able to build a website that channels these benefits to the business, consumers and beyond.